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The one thing we try to preach is that Standard American Medical Care may give temporary relief of symptoms, but it does very little to fix the root cause of disease. I found this story inspiring because the exact same solutions to bring his farm and community from near failure to success also applies to […]

How to Change Your Eating Habits


How to Change Your Eating Habits This presentation talks about How to Change Your Eating Habits. Do you find it difficult to make healthy food choices? Are those unlimited bread sticks at Olive Garden calling your name? Are those Taco Chips Irresistible? What’s causing me to be drawn to eat foods that I know will cause health […]

The Best Foods to Buy Organic

Organic or Not

Organic Or Not? Best Foods to Buy Organic The word “organic” is being robbed of its integrity these days. It’s being overused and used out of context, in some cases, purely to justify higher prices. At worst, some food manufacturers are peddling it as a magic word to give the impression that known unhealthy products […]