About Us


I was diagnosed with Type 1, Insulin Dependent, Diabetes in 1990 at the age of 36 and for the first 17 years I did a poor job of controlling my blood sugar with an A1C of 7+. I “visited” EMTs and Emergency Rooms around the country when my blood sugar would crash.

In 2006 I started developing Diabetic Neuropathy in my feet, (the loss of sensation in one’s extremities, which often occurs in long term, poorly controlled, diabetics), and the end result would very likely end up being an amputation. Unfortunately, the drugs used to treat neuropathy only treat the symptoms and do nothing to repair the damage or fix the problem. Thankfully, by “divine coincidence”, a Health Minister associated with Hallelujah Acres at the church we attended taught us how to eat healthy and stay balanced.

With the little my wife and I knew, we changed our diet and started juicing and eating healthier. Within one month my neuropathy completely disappeared and has never returned, so I was convinced that this was the way I was meant to go. Not only did my A1C in my next test drop to around 6, but I was also using half the insulin I did when eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).

My wife and I became Health Ministers with Hallelujah Acres and started teaching classes to anyone who would listen. I also  graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition as a certified Health Coach.