Mercola – Dr. Becker Shares Her List of the Best and Worst Pet Foods

Dr Becker Lists the Best and Worst Pet Foods


Dr Becker Lists the Best and Worst Pet Foods

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  • The pet food industry has changed and evolved since I published my first list of best-to-worst types of pet food 5 years ago
  • My updated list includes a whole new category of pet food not included on my previous list
  • Two important things to remember when selecting a pet food: your dog or cat is a carnivore, and the food you choose should mimic his ancestral diet as closely as possible

A personal story, last year we lost Charlie, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, due to Congestive Heart Failure, which is prevalent in this breed. We fed him mostly thawed raw food. He had terrible problems with his teeth and gums which likely lead to his heart disease. According to Dr. Mercola – Gum Disease Leads to Heart Disease. Our current Cavalier, Lilly, was going down the same path and had to have several teeth removed. After some research, we started feeding her Raw Frozen Food in bite size chunks, which she loves. What we noticed is that her teeth became clean and her gums are once again healthy. The key point is to Not Defrost the frozen food, but to allow her to eat it frozen. We switch between different high quality varieties such as chicken, turkey, and duck. The varieties we choose all contain organ meat and are considered complete foods. If you want the brands we use and where we purchase them please feel free to contact us.


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2 Responses to “Mercola – Dr. Becker Shares Her List of the Best and Worst Pet Foods”

  1. lynette mayoDecember 27, 2016 at 2:45 am #

    I share this monthly everywhere ! life saving information. Please re-post about cats & water !

    • DavidDecember 27, 2016 at 9:39 pm #


      Thank you for the comment. Regarding cats are you referring to the problem with the typical kibble that is fed to cats, which is a very unnatural diet for them and hard on their liver and kidneys? We have two cats, indoor/outdoor, the younger one will eat frozen nuggets, but the 16 year old won’t. Unfortunately her favorite “fresh food” is birds, which we have in large numbers around here. I will research the topic on cats and water and post on that. If you have any references please don’t hesitate to reply.

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